Dogs Play and Dogs Get Dirty!!

We'll send your dog home clean and fresh with one of the following services!

Basic Bath: $24- $60 based on size

Shampoo and rinse
Mostly dry, light brushing

Deluxe Bath $45 - $80 based on size and coat

Shampoo, mostly if not all dry, ear cleaning, neat feet and pants, pedicure. Not for matted or heavily shedding dogs.

These services are available for boarding dogs only at check-out.

Generally unavailable to daycare dogs. As we are not "groomers" we do not pull ear hair, express anal glands, shave dogs or shave out mats. We do not completely hand dry/blow dry dogs. These services are for dogs who are regularly maintained by a professional groomer.

we want your pet's stay here to be a happy one and if there are any difficulties of any kind in performing a bathing service we will stop. We don't want a stay here to end on an unhappy note.