What's Included in Overnight Stays

We find that dogs are happier and healthier with a combination of outdoor exercise time coupled with private time for a mid day nap and a solid night’s sleep. Your dog will be provided with the following service at the daily ranch rate

All Day Play
A morning session of about 5 hours, then a two-hour nap followed by an afternoon outdoor play session.
Private and spacious indoor and outdoor enclosureWhen your family friend is not in the exercise yard, your pup will sleep and be fed in their own, private run that they don't share with any other dogs. These enclosures are a minimum of 20 feet long with about a third of it inside and the rest of it outside. We bed them down inside, and feed them inside and they can come in or go out as they wish. During extremely cold or hot times of year we will close the door to keep them inside where it is heated and air conditioned. During the winter months your pet will be bedded down inside at about 10PM and let out again at 6AM. During warm summer evenings, the doors to the outside run are generally left open. Evening turndown service comes with a yummy treat. Your dog will never be in a crate. Comfy cozy beds are provided and changed daily.

Our daily rates for overnight stays are as follows:

Small dogs $54 per night
Medium dogs$60
Our Medium Dog playgroup is full and we are temporarily suspending acceptance of new medium dogs.
Large Dogs $72 per night
At this time we are not accepting new large and Giant Breed Clients as our playgroups are full.
Giant Breeds$120 per night
Unneutered PetsAll pets must be neutered by 9 months. We may make exceptions on a case by case basis so please discuss it with us. Please understand that this is a safety issue for our employees and the pets in our care. Additional fees will apply.
After Dinner Romp $10 per day
Neighborhood Adventure Walks $20 for a walk in our Pine Lane neighborhood.
Nail Trims $20 upon request but if your dog's nails are so long as to be a problem we will trim them and add to charges
Bathing Depending on size, coat length and condition. Please see Spa Services for details
Weekends and Summer Non-Holiday Days Summer is June 1st – October 1st
Additional Daily fee of $5
HolidaysAdditional Daily fee of $10
CatsCondo $45 / night
Additional cats In the condo are $15 each.
We offer multiple pet discounts during regular season. No discounts during high seasons such as summer and holidays.

Vaccine Requirements

Rabies:  Every 3 Years

DHPP:    Every 3-5 Years

Bordetella:  Intranasal Annually or Injectible Every 6 Mos.     

Canine Influenza Bivalent Annually